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    Zaiga Pūce

    Zaiga Pūce

    Director of the Secretariat of the Society Integration Foundation
    zaiga.puce [at]
    Reinis Lasmanis

    Reinis Lasmanis

    Deputy Director of the Secretariat - Director of the Civil Society Support Department
    reinis.lasmanis [at]

    Ieva Plūme

    Head of the Unit
    ieva.plume [at]

    Liene Vārslavāne

    Deputy Head of the Unit
    liene.varslavane [at]

    Inga Liepa

    Programme Manager
    inga.liepa [at]

    Līga Āboliņa

    Programme Manager
    liga.abolina [at]

    Kristīne Ozola

    Programme Manager
    kristine.ozola [at]

    Elīza Laķe

    Programme Manager
    eliza.lake [at]

    Ance Indriksone

    Programme Manager
    ance.indriksone [at]

    Ilona Abzulēna

    Programme Manager
    ilona.abzulena [at]

    Ilze Vārpiņa

    Head of the Unit
    ilze.varpina [at]

    Linda Lāma

    Coordinator of the programme "Latvian Honorary Family Certificate "Honorary Family""
    linda.lama [at]

    Māra Švāna

    Project Manager
    mara.svana [at]

    Ieva Upesleja

    Coordinator of the “Family Friendly Workplace” programme
    ieva.upesleja [at]

    Santa Bergmane

    Project Manager
    santa.bergmane [at]

    Inese Šmita

    Project Manager of the “Honour to Study” programme
    inese.smita [at]

    Māris Spilve

    Director of the Department
    maris.spilve [at]

    Sandra Veide

    Deputy Director for Legal Affairs of the Department
    sandra.veide [at]

    Gundars Zemītis

    Deputy Director for Finance
    Gundars.Zemitis [at]

    Aivars Miezītis

    Expert in finance and accounting
    aivars.miezitis [at]
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    1 - 20 from 35