The Society Integration Foundation ensures the effective implementation of community cohesion policies and provides important support to the non-governmental sector. We exist to strengthen national identity and democracy by supporting a civically literate, active, responsible, inclusive and cohesive society.

The Foundation implements programmes financed by the state budget, European Union instruments and foreign financial assistance. Main areas of activity: support to the non-governmental sector, minorities, families, diaspora, socially vulnerable groups and media.


The Society Integration Foundation is a modern, professional leader in the implementation of sustainable development policies.

Our values

  • The person is a central value;
  • Openness to new ideas, development and diversity;
  • Curiosity as motivation and challenge;
  • Sustainability - acting in a meaningful way and with an eye to the future.


In order to ensure the achievement of the overarching goals and objectives of the Society Integration Foundation, the Society Integration Foundation Strategy 2022-2024 was approved in 2022.

The Strategic Objective Map of the Society Integration Foundation for 2022-2024 is a document that sets out the priorities, lines of action, objectives to be achieved, tasks to be carried out in all areas of competence of the Society Integration Foundation, to be implemented within the available funding. 

A number of policy planning documents developed at the national and sectoral levels, as well as recommendations from sectoral advisory councils, were taken into account in the identification of the objectives and performance of the Society Integration Foundation’s 2022-2024 Strategy, which forms the basis and determines further actions for the development of a cohesive society and non-governmental organisations in the coming years. The priorities and tasks set out in it will be taken into account in the future in the preparation of the annual work plan of the Society Integration Foundation.