conference “Social Cohesion Radar”

About the conference “Social Cohesion Radar”

Do we know and remember daily what the common goals of our society are? How can we ensure the national security and economic development? How can each of us help achieving the common goals? During the last year, the meaning of social cohesion and effectiveness of current integration plans have been discussed with new intensity in the context of these questions. How have we really performed and where are we now?

At the same time, recent discussions and political decision-making processes lack the option of rational assessment of the current situation and changes that have taken place in the society during the last decades. It is important to define and monitor those societal processes that affect its resilience, economic growth and values. To discuss these processes reasonably, it is necessary to have valid data, therefore the Society Integration Foundation has started to work on developing a social cohesion radar with the aim of obtaining comparable indicators on the level of cohesion of the Latvian society. The obtained representative data will serve as a reference point for assessment of changes every three years and for targeted corrections to the implemented measures.

Participants of the international conference will be the first to learn of the main outcomes of the pilot research covering such topics as identity and affiliation, social relations, as well as economic solidarity.

Whereas, during panel discussions participants are invited to jointly search for an answer to the question on how to create a coordinated cross-sectoral cooperation to form a cohesive and collaborative society. The issues will be discussed by representatives of public, private, and academic sector of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, and other countries.


The conference will take place on 9 November 2023 at the Museum of Latvian Railway History.


Event programme: 

Sanita Lāce

Deputy Director of the Department
sanita.lace [at]