The European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) programme for Addressing Material Deprivation 2021-2027



Poverty and social exclusion remain a major challenge in many EU countries, with single-parent and large families, pensioners, people with disabilities and the homeless being particularly affected.

In continuation to providing the needed support for vulnerable groups of society, the Society Integration Foundation is involved in the implementation of the The European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) program for addressing material deprivation for 2021-2027, which was approved by the European Commission on October 21, 2022. The purpose of the program: alleviation of material insecurity for the most deprived by providing food parcels and basic material assistance, as well as providing the opportunity to improve social inclusion and integration.

The Foundation brings together and effectively engages important non-governmental actors in the delivery of support partner organisations throughout Latvia, including the Samaritan Fund, the Samaritan Association of Latvia, the Latvian Red Cross and the Salvation Army, which ensure the distribution of food and basic material assistance kits, the preparation and distribution of meals and the implementation of additional activities.  


Who can get help?

Families or persons living alone who:

  • qualify as a household in need;
  • are in crisis;
  • qualify as a low-income household, with a monthly income of less than €376 for the first or only person in the household and €264 for each additional person in the household.

What documents are needed to get support?

Important!!! You must apply to the municipal social services for a certificate of your household's status as being poor, low-income or in crisis.

What support is available?

Support packages

  • grocery kits;
  • hygiene and household kits;
  • baby food kits (3 kinds depending on the age of the child);
  • hygiene kits for young children (4 kinds depending on the age of the child);
  • school kits (for children aged 5-16)

Soup kitchens

With the support of the Foundation, 30 soup kitchens in Latvia provide meals.

Important!!! You do not need to show a status certificate to receive meals.

For information on the distribution of the support packages and the locations of the meals here.

Additional measures

Additional measures aim to reduce the social exclusion of persons and to promote their autonomy in solving their social problems. These additional activities are voluntary and free of charge.

Operational Programme funding

Total program funding EUR 38,280,000, where:

  • EUR 32,538,000 (90%) are co-funded by the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+);
  • EUR 3,615,334 (10%) are co-funded by the State budget;
  • EUR 2,126,666 are additional State budget contributions.

Gunta Landsmane

Head of the Unit
gunta.landsmane [at]