Projekta statuss
sociālās inovācijas

The project objective is to promote transnational cooperation and mutual learning to establish or strengthen institutions and organisations acting as national centres of excellence for social innovation and to develop the social innovation ecosystem in a Member State. 

The project will be implemented by: 

  • the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy;  
  • the Spanish State Secretary for Social Rights; 
  • the Swedish Social Innovation Forum; 
  • Reach for Change, a Swedish non-profit organisation; 
  • Swedish non-profit organisation Inkludera; 
  • Avise, the French agency for the social economy and social innovation.  

Project activities: 

  • mapping existing experiences and actors, identifying the main barriers to social innovation; 
  • preparation and implementation of two social innovation projects; 
  • systematising and building capacity on tools and methods in the field of social innovation competences, with a view to fostering the development of social innovation processes, focusing on the tools and methods used by Member States;  
  • identifying opportunities for centres of excellence for social innovation, developing strategies and action plans in each Member State. The final activity will include a final conference to summarise and present the results of the project. 

The project duration is 24 months (01.06.2021-31.05.2023) and the total funding is €1 064 413, of which the European Commission will cover a maximum of 80% of the eligible costs or €851 530.