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The Society Integration Foundation as a cooperation partner participates in the implementation of the project "Data dissemination and management platform (DAGR)" No (hereinafter - the Project) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

Overarching objective of the project

Improving information exchange and interoperability in public administration, and making data available with guaranteed access times. The project will enable public administrations to aggregate data from potentially all public authorities into a single data dissemination platform that data consumers can use to retrieve real-time data from source systems. 

Project objectives:

  1. Provide a unified and high-speed data distribution solution or Data Aggregator Solution (DAGR) to improve the performance of heavily used data requests;
  2. Develop a self-service system for the management of data authorisations between data providers and data recipients to ensure transparent management of the authorisations process between data recipients and data providers and the establishment of agreements within the system to enable or disable access to the DAGR data dissemination package down to the attribute level;
  3. Establish a single auditing mechanism for data circulation;
  4. Develop a solution to support the management of target funding allocation;
  5. Develop the Territorial Development Planning Information System (TDPIS) to be used as an integrated data environment for the preparation of spatial development planning documents.

Main activity of the project

The project will implement the following main activities:

1. Project management, implementing project activities within a defined budget and timeframe, thus ensuring that project objectives and results are achieved.

2. Development of a high-speed data distribution solution (Data Aggregator Solution - DAGR). By connecting to the DAGR, national registries and information systems will be provided with a single, centralised data dissemination platform optimised for high performance in processing data requests.

3. Development of a Targeted Funding Performance Management Platform (MAP). A solution will be developed to provide a complete funding management lifecycle from client application to final report approval and project closure, where data is shared and replicated between accounting and record-keeping systems.

4. Improvements to the TAPIS platform and transformation of the user support process. The development of TAPIS will increase the degree of computerisation of spatial planning processes, thus completely moving away from the current manual approach of coordinating documentation between stakeholders. User support processes will be further streamlined, thus significantly easing the burden of day-to-day system maintenance administration.

5. Project publicity through mandatory publicity measures, posters and websites.

Project outputs:

1. 8 operational processes improved/established;

2. 3 platforms developed or implemented, including two new platforms, DAGR and MAP, and one platform, TAPIS.

In addition to the project output indicators, the project will have the following outcomes:

1. A self-service system for granting data authorisations is developed.

2. Project publicity (11 information posters), up-to-date information on project implementation on,,,,,,,,,, websites (11 pieces).

Project costs

The total planned amount of funding for the project is EUR 3 205 341.22, of which EUR 2 724 540.04 is from the European Regional Development Fund.

Project duration

The project will run from 28 May 2021 to 27 December 2023.


The following partners are involved in the implementation of the project:

  1. National Regional Development Agency,
  2. Citizenship and Migration Board,
  3. Ministry of Education and Science,
  4. State Land Service,
  5. National Inspectorate for the Protection of Children's Rights,
  6. National Commission of Doctors for Health and Work Capacity Examination,
  7. Society Integration Foundation
  8. Ministry of Justice
  9. Latvian Science Council,
  10. National Library of Latvia.

Contact person:
Guna Margēviča

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development

Head of Solutions Development, Project Management Department -

acting Project Manager
Tel: 67026546

Development of a high-speed data distribution solution (Data Aggregator Solution - DAGR) 

  1. DAGR technical documentation, including the DAGR architecture and technical specification, has been developed.
  2. An assessment of the legal compliance of the DAGR requirements.
  3. The project continues to engage partners who will ensure the addition of data objects to DAGR.
  4. Cloud service provider: National Library of Latvia
  5. The e-procurement system has launched a work assignment "Development of high-performance data retrieval and dissemination capabilities for ALL".
  6. Contract for the development of the DAGR platform and delivery of the functionality ready for production and tested with the identified data sensors and data consumers connected.
  7. The drafting of the Cabinet of Ministers' Regulations regulating the activities of the DAGR is launched.
  8. Interviews with project partners on the necessary data transfer to DAGR and the creation of user stories.

Development of a Targeted Funding Performance Management Platform (MAP) 

  1. Technical documentation for the MAP, including the MAP architecture and technical specification.
  2. Procurement "Development of a platform for managing the use of earmarked funding" (id. No VRAA 2021/08/ERAF/AK) for the development of the MAP software.
  3. Cloud service provider National Library of Latvia is engaged.
  4. The drafting of the Cabinet of Ministers' Regulations governing the operation of the MDP is started.
  5. A procurement contract for the development of MAP software is concluded.
  6. Interviews and user stories with project partners on the development of the MAP.

Improvements to the TAPIS platform and transformation of the user support process 

  1. Within the framework of the change request "Changes to the planning document "Local planning" in TAPIS", a new type of planning document "Local planning for specific tasks" was implemented and delivered to the production environment, a new structure of the Local planning rules for the use and development of the territory was created, references to the current General Building Regulations and the Municipal Spatial Planning Rules for the Use and Development of the Territory were provided.
  2. The second change request "Requesting conditions and opinions through the system" has been agreed and work has started.
  3. The first training video for TAPIS is commissioned.

Project publicity 

  1. Information poster in the premises of the project promoter, as well as in the premises of the project partners VRAA, PMLP, MoE, BTI, VDEĀVK, VZD, SIF, IeM, LZP, LNB.
  2. Project information kept up to date on, websites.