Public participation is the involvement of citizens, the public and non-governmental organisations in the policy-making process. Public participation aims to ensure that decisions taken by public administrations are relevant to the needs of the public, explained in a timely manner and understood by those who will be affected by them. Public participation has a number of benefits, all of which are aimed at improving the quality of regulation - it identifies the real problem, assesses possible alternatives, detects potential regulatory "side-effects" early, and ensures that the solutions developed are appropriate, understandable and effective for the target group.

Members of the public can express their views on development planning documents, draft legislation at the initial stage of its preparation, and at other stages when issues of public concern are being addressed. Any member of the public with an interest or concern in the matter can contribute. Every member of the public has the right to receive feedback on their proposal.

Public participation is carried out proactively by public authorities, seeking the most effective ways to involve and inform the public, in particular those affected or likely to be affected by the proposed action.

The public participation procedure is governed by:

The authority is involved in drafting development planning documents and legislation affecting its fields of activity.

If you have any suggestions for improving the laws and regulations under the authority's competence, please send them to the following e-mail address: If you have any further questions, please contact the official responsible for public participation - Reinis Lasmanis, phone 26114443.

Financially support and promote social inclusion, in line with development planning documents. The Foundation also supports public and non-governmental development programmes and projects.

To promote cooperation between non-governmental organisations and the Cabinet of Ministers, facilitating the functioning of an effective public administration that is in the public interest, ensuring the involvement of civil society in decision-making processes at all levels and stages of public administration, promoting the development of civil society.

To coordinate the development and implementation of media policy and to facilitate cooperation between public institutions and industry professionals on strategic issues related to the development and sustainability of the media environment in Latvia.

Promote coherent identification, development and implementation of diaspora policy priorities.

Provides advisory support during the development and implementation of the Foundation's family programmes.