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„All I do, I do with fun!”

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Source of Funding: Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012
Program: NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program

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The  overall  goal  of  the  subproject  is  to  support  the  contribution  of  Latvian  4-H  and  local governments  in  lessening  economic  and  social  differences  in  rural  municipalities  by  supporting the cooperation of 4-H leaders and teachers-seniors with children and youth that are under risks of social rejection and poverty.

At  the  beginning  the  implementers  of  the  4-H  project  will  visit  Rural  Youth  Associations  in Switzerland  to  learn  how  NGOs  in  Switzerland  work  to  lessen  social  rejection  among  children, youth and seniors.

After  the  visit,  experienced  4-H  leaders-seniors  will  develop  a  12-months  long  training program for 9-18 year old children and youth by including in it the acquisition of life and working skills.  The  developed training program “All I do I do with pleasure” for 12 months will be implemented  in  30  rural  municipalities  in  Latvia  by  involving  at  least  360  children  of  different age, youth and 30 seniors.

In cooperation with Youth Advisory Councils of Ķekava and Saldus Amalgamated Municipalities, during the project will be developed and adapted a model program for cooperation between local government and 4-H for lessening risks of social rejection of  children; organizers of  youth  work from  local  governments  will  be  acknowledged  with  it.  As  a  result  30  seniors  will  have implemented the training program concerning life and working skills for at least 360 children and youth thus gaining confidence that after retirement their skills are still needed for community; in their  turn  children  and  youth  will  have  acquired  new  experience  of  solving  problems  in  life  and new working skills and new ideas how to thoughtfully spend their free time. The model program on  how  can  cooperate  4-H  and  local  governments  will  be  useful  for  effective  planning  of  work with youth in any local government.

Priority: Akadēmiskie pētījumi
Target group: Children,Young people,Seniors
Legal status of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Region: Riga Region
Amount of Grant Awarded: 82227.87 LVL / 116 999.72 EUR
Project number: 2010.CH04/mac-105
Project Promoter: Society "Latvijas mazpulki"
Partner(s): Society "Schweizerische Landjungedvereinigung"; municipality of Ķekava; municipality of Saldus
Start date of project: 01.04.2011.
Project finish date: 30.09.2012.
Place of implementation: Ķekava, Saldus and 28 other counties, Lindau
Legal address: Ezermalas 24/26, Rīga, LV - 1014
Phone: 29418737
Fax: 67557998
www: http://www.mazpulki.lv