Experience exchange in Nordic countries 2012

Facilitation of cooperation in the field of state support
for civil society development

In 2012 Society Integration Foundation has implemented the project „Facilitation of cooperation in the field of state support for civil society development". The objective of the project is to facilitate the cooperation between the public institutions in Latvia and Nordic countries dealing with NGO sector development policy implementation and funding by the exchanging of experience and knowledge. The long tradition of democracy and high civic participation level makes Nordic experience very attractive to have a chance to get an insight in the policies, support programmes, financial mechanisms implemented to support NGOs, civil society development and democracy. The study visits were conducted in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Exchange of experience in Oslo (NORWAY), 11 – 13 September, 2012

The following institutions/ organisations were visited:

• The Ministry of Culture www.regjeringen.no
• The Association of NGOs in Norway www.frivillighetnorge.no
• The Norwegian Helsinki Committee www.nhc.no
• The Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion www.regjeringen.no
• The Norwegian Children and Youth Council www.lnu.no

Facts about voluntary sector in Norway:
The voluntary sector in Norway consists of 115 000 non-governmental organizations. There are 10 million memberships in NGOs and 80 % of the Norwegians are members of one or more organization(s).
36 % of the funding of the voluntary sector comes from central and local governments, 7 % comes from private donors, and 57 % of the funding comes from membership fees and sales.

Exchange of experience in Stockholm (SWEDEN), 29 – 31 October, 2012

The following institutions/ organisations were visited:

• Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs www.ungdomsstyrelsen.se
• Ministry of Education and Research www.government.se
• National Forum for Voluntary Social Work www.socialforum.se
• Fisksätra Cultural House www.fisksatrafolketshus.se

Facts about voluntary sector in Sweden:
The Swedish third sector consist of some 200 000 organisations. In Sweden is the high level of volunteerism of the population. On average every citizen has four formal memberships in third sector organisations. For a long period in Sweden there has been a close interaction between the state and the third sector. The Swedish sector is selffinanced to a large degree through money earned from member dues and fees, second hand sales or entrance fees. As much as 60 percent of its income comes from the organisations' own/independent activities, while only 29 percent comes from different government sources (average for the total sector).

Exchange of experience in Copenhagen and Odense (DENMARK), 6 – 8 November, 2012
The following institutions/ organisations were visited:

• The Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration www.sm.dk
• The Free Counseling www.dfr-odense.dk
• The municipality of Odense www.odense.dk
• The municipality of Copenhagen www.kk.dk
• The Christian-Student Settlement www.settlementet.dk

Facts about voluntary sector in Denmark:
Danish voluntary sector consist of more than 101,000 organisations. About 35 % of the Danish population performs voluntary unpaid work in the fields of sports, politics, social work, etc. In the social area some 300,000 people regularly carry out voluntary social work, corresponding to 6 % of the Danish population. About 5000 organisations operate in the voluntary social sector areas.

Contact information:
Ilze Dūmiņa
SIF Project department
e-mail: Ilze.Dumina [at] sif.lv

Information is prepared in the frame of the project „Facilitation of cooperation in the field of state support for civil society development" supported by Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration
Project is financed by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme Public Administration - 70%. SIF co-financing - 30%.
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