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Information on project „Intercultural communication” 2013

Information on project

Society Integration Foundation (SIF) for more than 10 years has organized and supported various activities aimed at more active involvement of different groups of society in activities of civic society, strengthening of capacity, development of culture and promotion of cooperation.

In 2011 and 2012 SIF implemented projects connected to development, implementation and actualization of training course "Intercultural communication" being financed from the European integration fund for third country nationals. In the framework of the project training program and handbook "Intercultural communication" was created, targeting both at professionals of different areas facing the topic of intercultural communication for the first time and specialists with preliminary knowledge in the topic due to their professional activities needing to acquire additional information on questions of intercultural communication working with third country nationals. 105 representatives of governmental institutions, municipalities and NGOs being in contact with third country nationals in their everyday job have been trained in the framework of both projects (more information on the training in 2011 and 2012).

Due to finance of European fund for the integration of third country nationals SIF continued to organize training "Intercultural communication" for employees of governmental and municipal institutions offering services to third country nationals in 2013 as well. Our goal is not connected to change legislation and policy; our goal is to offer people the possibility to change their views, put themselves in somebody else's place, and walk into shoes of another person (more information on training in 2013 – here). The actualization, preparation and implementation of the training course will be provided by highly qualified team of experts - Liesma Ose, Kārlis Viša, Inese Lazda-Mazula. The training course contains the following intercultural aspects:

1st block: "Inquiring culturally sensitive professional performance"
Task: To provide a portrait of a third country national, to promote the understanding of participants on issues of immigration, culturally sensitive professional performance and harmonization of experiences.

2nd block: "Context of intercultural communication and culture dialogue"
Task: To promote the professional approach of participants in work with third country nationals, observing professional and interpersonal communication borders in social environment.

3rd block: "Diversity training"
Task: To improve professional cultural competence, strengthen social values and communication norms, acknowledge of functions and roles in intercultural communication, including models of conflict solving, situations and actions;

4th block: "Perspectives of professional development"
Task: To promote possibilities of professional development, acknowledge alternate approaches and action models, strengthen interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation in work with third country nationals.
40 employees of governmental and municipal institutions have acquired new knowledge on integration, as well as have strengthened intercultural communications skills in the framework of 2013. As Inese Lazda – Mazula, the intercultural communication training expert says: "Training in intercultural communication has to be continued and they would be necessary to all professionals working in "man to man" professions".

In order to promote the understanding of employees of governmental and municipal institutions on the process of integration, a unique material was elaborated during the project – Info graphic. Info graphic in a visible and simple way offer answers to questions: What is a third country national in Latvia? Which are the duties, rights and services available to third country nationals? What is the procedure and possibilities of third country nationals to start their life in Latvia?" (More information on info graphics – here).

We believe that the info graphic material and handbook "Intercultural communication" will become a useful instrument and will help the employees of governmental and municipal institutions in their everyday job, solving questions connected to life of immigrants in Latvia!

The information is elaborated in the framework of European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals Program 2011 in the framework of Grant agreement No. IF/2011/2./7 on the implementation of project „Actualization, elaboration and implementation of training course „Intercultural communication". The finance was allocated from the budget of Integration fund of Third-Country Nationals (75%) and State budget of Latvia (25%). Society Integration Foundation is responsible for the contents of the publication.


Information is prepared:28.06.2013.


Date of printing: 02.07.20