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Friendly community for children

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Source of Funding: EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
Program: NGO Activity Support Measure (2009-2014)

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Project focuses on promoting improvements in social services for parental and child support in order to create favorable conditions to increase birth rates.
Project aims to promote an active and quality NGO participation in decision-making process in developing an innovative social service model for maternal and child support. During the project “Children's Hospital Foundation” will participate in planning process of maternal and child support policy, will create a website for proposals for child-care and health-care improvements, organize seminars for Children's Hospital care staff, for Children's Hospital medical staff, and for parents, develop social service description and operational model to support mother and child, recruit and train volunteers, create NGOs network.
Main project target groups are NGOs members and volunteers.

Project results: The aim of the project was to promote an active and high-quality participation of NGO’s in the decision-making process and in developing and providing an innovative model of social service for maternal and child support.

Events and results:
1. “Involvement in the planning process of maternal and child support policy”; the creation of a website for proposals for child-care and health-care improvements in Riga.
2. “Seminars”:
• “On interaction and communication” for Children's Hospital care staff – 5 groups;
• “Balint group work” for Children's Hospital medical staff (12 sessions once per month);
• “The hard talks for nurses” – how to discuss with parents who are in the acute crisis situations while their stay at the hospital;
• “On the role of breast milk in preterm child's development”;
• “How mindfulness can help for assistive professionals”.
3. “The establishment of an innovative business model of social service”; volunteer recruitment and training, the establishment of the social service network in two stages
(I – for the patients of the Neonathal center at P.Stradins Hospital, II – with NGO in Riga, Liepaja, Valmiera and Jekabpils – for the patients of Perinatal care centers).
4. An informative measure for the project partners; three informational materials – (1) “Going to Hospital together with child” about social services and the opportunities for receiving them, (2) “Loosing a child” – information for families who have lost a child – of formalities that have to pass, about the opportunities to receive social assistance and psychological support, as well as spiritual care; (3) “The Parents House at Children’s Hospital – the foothold for parents and relatives” on the services provided by The Parents House at Children's Hospital. More info on and www.vecaku

Supported by the EEA Grants. Case number: LV03. Programme name: „NGO fund”

Project number: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/127
Project approval date: 20.06.2013.
Project contract date: 11.09.2013.
Status of the project: Pabeigts
Name of Project Promoter: Foundation "Children's Hospital Foundation"
Type of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Name of project partner: Biedrība "Latvijas Profesionālo veselības aprūpes kapelānu asociācija" ,Krīžu un konsultāciju centrs SKALBES,Invalīdu un viņu draugu apvienība "APEIRONS"
Place(s) of implementation: Rīga,Liepāja,Jēkabpils,Valmiera
Project implementation region(s): Whole Latvia
Project duration, months: 24
Total eligible costs (Programme co-financing and Project Promoter’s contribution): 34072.09 EUR / 23 946.00 LVL;
Programme co-financing (EEA Grants – 95%): 29131.64 EUR / 20 473.83 LVL;
Programme co-financing (State budget – 5%): 1533.24 EUR / 1 077.57 LVL;
Project Promoter’s contribution: 3407.21 EUR / 2 394.60 LVL;
Legal address: Vienības gatve 45, Rīga, LV-1004
Phone No.: 29460030
Fax: -

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