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Darbinieku kontakti

Phone: 67281752

For security reasons, to prevent the spread of SPAM, the symbol "@" in the e-mail addresses are replaced with "at". Therefore, writing e-mails to SIF Secretariat staff, please note that e-mails must be as follows: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Zaiga Pūce
Director of Secretariat zaiga.puce at sif.gov.lv 67281752
Līva Štāle-Rācene Secretary info at sif.gov.lv 67281752
Dace Zariņa-Zviedre Public Communication Specialist dace.zarina-zviedre at sif.gov.lv 67078211

Department of Calls for Proposals

Linda Mežviete Head of Department linda.mezviete at sif.gov.lv 67078208
Liene Jēkabsone Deputy Head of Department liene.jekabsone at sif.gov.lv 67078218
Līga Āboliņa Project manager liga.abolina at sif.gov.lv 67078227
Jelena Jekimova Project manager jelena.jekimova at sif.gov.lv 67078194
Māra Švāna Project manager mara.svana at sif.gov.lv 67078185
Inga Liepa Programme manager inga.liepa at sif.gov.lv 67078217

Structural Funds Monitoring Department

Evija Kleina Head of Department evija.kleina at sif.gov.lv 67078175
Gunta Landsmane Deputy Head of Department gunta.landsmane at sif.gov.lv 67078179
Vaira Dzene Programme manager vaira.dzene at sif.gov.lv 67078199
Līga Logina Project manager liga.logina at sif.gov.lv 67078182

Administrative Department

Līga Peipiņa Head of Department liga.peipina at sif.gov.lv 67078180
Santa Bergmane Human Resources Specialist santa.bergmane at sif.gov.lv 67078212
Antra Spriņģe Project Manager antra.springe at sif.gov.lv 67078215

Projects Department

Alda Sebre Head of Department alda.sebre at sif.gov.lv 67078204
Ardis Dambis Programme Coordinator ardis.dambis at sif.gov.lv 67078222
Ilze Dūmiņa Project Manager ilze.dumina at sif.gov.lv 67078187
Karīna Dzene Programme Coordinator karina.dzene at sif.gov.lv 67078226
Normunds Pīlips Programme Coordinator normunds.pilips at sif.gov.lv 67078205
Kristīne Kļukoviča Programme Coordinator kristine.klukovica at sif.gov.lv 67078193

Linda Lāma

Programme Coordinator linda.lama at sif.gov.lv 67078219
Anda Jansone
Project Manager anda.jansone at sif.gov.lv 67078174

Finance and Budget Management Department

Inta Sausā Head of Department inta.sausa at sif.gov.lv 67243129
Inese Skolmeistere Deputy Head of Department inese.skolmeistere at sif.gov.lv 67281751
Natālija Gintere Accountant natalija.gintere at sif.gov.lv 67078176
Ilga Muraška Financial Specialist ilga.muraska at sif.gov.lv 67078192
Ineta Kaktiņa Financial Specialist ineta.kaktina at sif.gov.lv 67078213

Internal Audit Department

Ārija Gaile Head of Department arija.gaile at sif.gov.lv 67078229


Human Resources Specialist