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Rabbit Fans' School for poverty-exposed children, youth, and seniors to learn the rabbit breeders craft

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Source of Funding: Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012
Program: NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program

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The  overall  objective:  to  promote  civil  society  contribution  in  reducing  the  economic  and  social differences  by  improving  quality  of  life  of  poverty-exposed  children,  youths,  and  seniors  in  the Kandava  and  Kuldiga  regions,  providing  cooperation  between  generations  in  learning  the  rabbit breeders craft through a „Rabbit Fans' School‖ and rabbit farm building in the Kabile and Vane counties in the year 2011.
Specific goals: The Association in Jan-Dec of 2011, will provide 10 members-seniors from the „Vanes mežrozīte‖ pensioners society, and 35 children and youths from the Kabile and Vane counties’ poor or low-income families, or whose parents are long-term residents abroad, and 10 youths, who are unemployed or seeking jobs, participation in a „Rabbit Fans' School‖ and rabbit farm building to learn the rabbit breeders craft, thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of the poverty-exposed children, youth and seniors, as well as their families. 
Participants  will  acquire  the  necessary  theoretical  and  practical  knowledge,  and  receive  initial breeding  material  and  self-made  rabbit  cages,  thus  with  minimal  material  investment  supplying their  families  with  healthy  and  good  quality  food  and  establishing  possible  basis  for  future business.
It is planned that at the end of the year 2011 at least 25 participants from Kabile and Vane counties will establish active self-subsistence rabbit farms1 and at least 5 of which will be registered at the VA LDC2. At least 30 participants will have improved quality of live, according to the assessment of the participants.
Establishment of a Section for Children and Youths and extensive industry advertising among children and youths will ensure a sustainable rabbit breeding industry in Latvia.

Priority: Akadēmiskie pētījumi
Target group: Children,Young people,Seniors
Legal status of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Region: Kurzeme Region
Amount of Grant Awarded: 17950.00 LVL / 25 540.55 EUR
Project number: 2010.CH04/mic-163
Project Promoter: society „Latvian Pedigree Rabbits Breeders’ Association”
Partner(s): Z.A.Meirovica Kabile elementary school; Vāne elementary school; Kuldīga council`s Kabile parish municipality; Kandava county`s Vāne parish`s pensioners' Association "Vānes mežrozīte"; Kandava municipality; Global Hope Network International (GHNI)
Start date of project: 01.01.2011.
Project finish date: 31.12.2011.
Place of implementation: Kuldīga, Kuldīgas county`s Kabiles parish, Kandava, Kandavas county Vānes parish, Cīrihe (Zürich), Berne (Bern) un Ženēva (Geneva)
Legal address: Priežu 2-4,Baldone, LV-2125
Phone: 29822836