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This year in June 2014 for the first time in Latvia enterprises were awarded in two unique nominations: "The most gender equal company" and special award for "Most Successful Woman – Enterprise Leader". This initiative was integrated in the annual "Sustainability index" competition programme.

Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool developed on the grounds of global methodology, in order to help Latvian enterprises to establish the level of sustainability and corporate responsibility. As the result participants are ranked by 4 categories (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze) showing approximate level of their sustainability index score. This year the special focus was paid to the gender equality issues integrating these aspects in the index evaluation methodology.

All together 22 big companies were competing for the most gender equal company status. Experts evaluated the information submitted by enterprises according three main sets of criteria: composition of employees and decision makers, pay rates of both gender representatives and companies main policy in the field of gender equality.

The winner of the nomination "Most Successful Woman – Enterprise Leader" is Eva Sietiņsone– Zatlere, chairman of the board of the company A/S „Cēsu Alus". She was one of five female directors, who are managing companies that showed great results in the „Sustainability Index" this year and received a Gold Level Assessment. The price was awarded by Latvian Parliament Speaker Ms. Solvita Āboltiņa expressing "I believe that this nomination and the winner could be an inspiration and good example for other women who are willing to set high carrier targets. From her point of view as important as success of company are the barriers what they should overcome to reach excellence.

"The most gender equal company" were awarded to SIA "Neste Latvia". The company has globally-established principles of equality – the board of the company has equal male and female representation and equality and diversity is the values of the company. Also company has developed strategy how to attract men and women for the free vacancies and promote equal wages for both genders. Special attention is made to work-life balance and these are just some of the activities implemented by the company in relation to these questions. For more information You can look: http://nesteoil.com/default.asp?path=1,41,12079,21153,21155

To raise understanding of gender equality value and potential benefits among the employers and companies, all participants received special recommendations and guidelines, which are provided from the gender equality experts. Guidelines involved general principles how to implement good practice but more specific individual recommendations for each company covered concrete assignments and were based on the assessment of each enterprise.

This activity is implemented within the project "Gender equality in economic decision making- tool to promote economic competitiveness and equality value" supported within the section "Gender equality" of the EU employment and social solidarity programme "PROGRESS 2007- 2013", implemented by Society Integration Foundation of Latvia.



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Photo gallery from the award ceremony.


This information has been published within the PROGRESS Programme of the European Union project "Gender equality in economic decision making- tool to promote economic competitiveness and equality value", No. JUST/2012/PROG/AG/4127/GE. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Society Integration foundation and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.