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Multifunctional Priekules support center for district children and youth for reducing social exclusion

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Source of Funding: EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
Program: NGO Project Measure (2009-2014)

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Priekules district economic situation is complicated a relatively high percentage of unemployment, therefore, there are many low-income families, as a result, there is a high population of social exclusion - children, young people, people with disabilities. Priekules region is "Purmsātu special boarding school" for children with mental disabilities. Realisation of the project will address the risk of social exclusion.
The project aims to support multifunctional center for Priekules district children and youth for reducing social exclusion and to promote prosperity, strengthening democratic values and human rights in Latvia, promote social inclusion. Expected outcomes - to avoid unnecessary long-term incapacity and disabled risk, reduced the severity of the disability, and to ensure timely and the quality of medical rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Multifunctional Support Center intends to offer the following activities:
• Association "RUMULA" rented rooms that contains the "Purmsātu special boarding school" to make repairs and matching activities of the multifunctional center needs;
• building social skills, communication skills development and the creation of innovative activities;
• labor and everyday life skills training and promotional activities;
• Providing support activities for families.
Project aim is group of a young people with disabilities with primary education who are unable to enter the labor market, children and young people with mental disorders and disabilities, parents of these children and young people, pre-school and elementary school students from low-income families.
The project selected partner will be in Priekules municipality. Association "Rumula" as well as "Purmsātu special boarding school" is located in Priekules region. Partner will participate - in social skills, communication skills development and the creation of innovative activities. Partner is conscious, informed and precise information about low-income families with children of Kurzeme district special school for students with mental disabilities. In the activity will be involved the social service workers, as well as participate in summer day camps. Partner will provide a transport service access in the end of the project and will ensure sustainability of the project.

Project results: The state does not provide sufficient rehabilitation for schoolchildren with mental disorders and for youth with disabilities after the graduation of highschool. The families do not hold the financial resources to pay for the rehabilitation sessions.
In order to solve this problem, Association “RUMULA” realized a project. Its aim was the creation of a multifunctional support center to reduce the risk of social exclusion of the youth and children of Priekules region, promote their prosperity, strenghten democratic values and respect for human rights.
The center has been created and is active. 140 music classes, 140 massage, 140 canine, 60 hippotherapy sessions, 56 therapist and 56 social pedagogue consultations, 56 personal care and hygiene, 28 cooking, 84 IT skills, 140 wooden household item manufacturing lessons and 140 household classes that have reduced the risk of social exclusion for 101 person, promoted the prosperity and the social inclusion of the target group, as well as reduced the severity of disability for 40 disabled people.
After the charity event (15 families – 65 people) and the camp (25 children), the accessability of innovative social services to children and families exposed to risk of social exclusion has improved.
The development of social and communication skills for children in 223 special schools in Kurzeme district and Priekules region has been promoted by participation in the song festival “Dziesmiņa 2015”.
The realization of the project strenghtened the administrative capacity and the democratic values of the association and of 309 persons from the target group.
"Purmsatu school" and the social service, both departments of the municipality, have been collaborating with the association and are furthering the partnership in the project. The municipality specified the information about low-income families with children and informed about activities held in the center. The partner formed the target group of the camp, provided transportation, premises and tehnical personnel.
The municipality of Priekules region will promote the sustainability of the project, assuring the accesibility of social workers, canine therapy, hippotherapy, therapist and a social pedagogue for the next 5 years.

Supported by the EEA Grants. Case number: LV03. Programme name: „NGO fund”

Project number: 2013.EEZ/PP/1/MIC/056
Project approval date: 14.05.2014.
Project contract date: 07.08.2014.
Status of the project: Pabeigts
Name of Project Promoter: Society of RUMULA
Type of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Name of project partner: Priekules novada pašvaldība
Place(s) of implementation: Priekules novads
Project implementation region(s): Kurzeme Region
Project duration, months: 12
Total eligible costs (Programme co-financing and Project Promoter’s contribution): 21791.87 EUR / 15 315.41 LVL;
Programme co-financing (EEA Grants – 95%): 18632.05 EUR / 13 094.68 LVL;
Programme co-financing (State budget – 5%): 980.63 EUR / 689.19 LVL;
Project Promoter’s contribution: 2179.19 EUR / 1 531.54 LVL;
Legal address: "Kurši" - 15, Purmsāti, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads, LV-3485
Phone No.: 29217096
Fax: -
Website: http://virgaspagastanvo.lv/Rumula.php

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