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Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012

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Swiss - Latvian cooperation programme is financial assistance mechanism used additionally to financial assistance of European Union Structural funds and Cohesion fund as well as European Economic Area and Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Swiss financial assistance complements these programmes and concentrates mainly on those projects that are either not financed or are financed from other financial sources. In accordance with the signed Framework Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Latvia and the Swiss Federal Council Concerning the Implementation of the Latvian - Swiss Cooperation Programme to Reduce Economic and Social Disparities within the Enlarged European Union, one of the envisaged activities of the cooperation programme was the grant scheme for support of NGOs.

The purpose of the Block Grant is the establishment of a NGO Fund, with the objective to promote civil society's contribution to economic and social cohesion as important actors of development and participation. It supports the following activities: Small Project Grants for the NGOs contributing primarily to social service provision allowing strengthening organisational capacities. Swiss financial contribution is CHF 3.5 million. Swiss competent authorities have approved the Society Integration Foundation as the intermediary body for implementation of the Grant scheme "NGO fund".

April 24, 2013: Closing event of the Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme Grant Scheme "NGO fund"
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Society Integration Foundation administers Grant scheme "NGO Fund"


No. Status Title Program
1 (Call for Proposals has ended)Open call for project proposals within grant scheme "NGO fund" - NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program
Projects: 62 


No.Project PromoterProject's title
1.Biedrība "Jaunatnes darbinieku asociācija "Zelta tilts""RE:START
2.Nodibinājums „Baltijas Franšīzes Fonds”New Family as a New Enterprise: Strategy of Success
3.Biedrība „Latvijas Sarkanais Krusts”Afternoon of Life
4.Biedrība „Bērnu un jaunatnes interešu centrs”Skills Towards Independence
5.Biedrība kristīgai paaudžu kopībai „Tilts”What You Get From Giving Can't Be Taken Away
6.Biedrība „Zvannieku Mājas”Halfway Home
7.Biedrība "Cinītis"Little Strokes Fell Great Oaks
8.Biedrība "Latgales vārti"Fostering Youht Inclusion and Participation in Development of Civil Society in Region of Western Latgale
9.Nodibinājums "Sakas novada atklātais sabiedriskais fonds "Sakas novada pensionāru nodibinājums""Development of Lifelong Learning for Seniors of Pāvilosta and Intergenerational Cooperation
10.Biedrība "Resursu centrs sievietēm "Marta""Corrective Self-Help Support Groups in Regions of Latvia and Iļģuciems Women Prison
11.Dundagas bērnu dienas centrs "Mājas"Creative Workshop at Children’s Day Centre "Home"
12.Nodibinājums "RAKUS Pacientu Ombuds"Raising Seniors' Awareness and Involvement in Issues Related to Their Health Care
13.Ogres Jauniešu klubs "Projektu darbnīca"Fostering Active Participation of Youth in Rural Areas and Promoting Their Competitiveness in Labor Market and Educational Institutions “Cogwheel Academy”
14.biedrība "Limbažu filcs"Let’s hammer our health by ourselves!
15.biedrība "Sieviešu resursu centrs "Prieks""Hive of generations ”Come and do! See, you can!”
16.biedrība "Sociālā līdzatbildība"Voluntary work as tool of youth social inclusion
17.biedrība "Klīnisko sociālo darbinieku asociācija""Through employment towards the independent life" Employment support measures for the young orphans with mental development disorders residing in the group flats
18.biedrība "Bāreņu biedrība "Saules bērni""Be who you want to be!
19.biedrība "Latvijas Pašvaldības mācību centrs"Children and Youth Offenders Individual Prevention Implementation in their residence
20.Nodibinājums "Talsu novada fonds"Young people and seniors help improve life quality in the northwest part of Latvia
21.reliģiskā organizācija "Rīgas Vecā Svētās Ģertrūdes evaņģēliski luteriskā draudze"Informal and Values Education Program for Youth and Seniors
22.biedrība "Liepājas Diabēta biedrība"Promotion of social-active lifestyle by educating society about healthy lifestyle and involving seniors and patients of diabetes
23.biedrība "Latvijas šķirnes trušu audzētāju asociācija"Rabbit Fans' School for poverty-exposed children, youth, and seniors to learn the rabbit breeders craft
24.biedrība "Latvijas bērniem ar kustības traucējumiem"Small summer foots for future
25.biedrība "Montessori ABC"The Joy of Learning Together!
26.nodibinājums "Centrs "Dardedze""Child as a victim or a witness in criminal procedure
27.nodibinājums "Invalīdu un viņu draugu apvienība "Apeirons""Promotion of quality of life and motivation for children and youngsters with disabilities
28.biedrība "L.A.I."Be Healthy and Active
29.biedrība "Vecāki Jūrmalai""Youth and new parent support center
30.biedrība ""Saule", organizācija cilvēkiem ar intelektuālās attīstības traucējumiem"The Dimensions of Independence
31.biedrība "Attīstības aģentūra "Pieci""Yes to job, no – human trafficking
32.biedrība "Jelgavas Pensionāru biedrība"Health university for seniors
33.biedrība "OK Arona"Youths and seniors spending their free time in movement
34.biedrība "Greblis"Jaunjelgava County and Seces Parish Youth Support Project
35.reliģiska organizācija "Rīgas Vecā Svētās Ģertrūdes evaņģēliski luteriskā draudze"Implementation and Unkeeping of the Social Support Center "Ģertrude"
36.biedrība "Attīstības centrs ģimenei"Establishment of community centre "For Childern Friendly Maskavas forstate"
37.biedrība "Latvijas SOS Bērnu ciematu asociācija"Inclusive family, kindergarten, school and community
38.nodibinājums "Centrs "Dardedze""Volunteers for improvement of children situation in family
39.biedrība "Sieviešu tiesību institūts"Women Rights Institute
40.biedrība "Izglītības iniciatīvu centrs"School and local community for inclusion of Roma children