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Society Integration Foundation

Society Integration Foundation (SIF)

Society Integration Foundation is a public foundation established by the law on “Society Integration Fund” in 2001.

Law On Society Integration Foundation

SIF objective and structure

Main objective of SIF is to financially support and promote integration of society. SIF also supports implementation of development programmes and projects by public and non-governmental sector. Decision making body of SIF is the Council. SIF Council encompasses ministers culture, education and science, welfare, environmental protection and regional development, justice; Representative of the Prime Minister, Prime Minister's Adviser on Demographic Policy, as well as five representatives of non-governmental organizations.

The executive body of SIF is the secretariat.

Sources of funding, supported areas and recipients

SIF implements state budget support programmes, programs of European Union policies' instruments, as well as funding made available under foreign financial assistance programmes. During ten years of operation SIF was accredited and accumulated experience in implementation of financial instruments of European Union: PHARE and Transition Facility; programmes of European Social Fund (2004-2006, 2007-2013), grant programmes of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism and the Bilateral Norwegian Financial Mechanism, Latvian – Swiss cooperation programme, and other programmes. By 2011, SIF has rendered support to almost 2000 projects in supported areas aimed at promotion of integration, strengthening of civil society, operation of public and non-governmental sector. Main recipients of funding are non-governmental organizations, local governments, their institutions, and public authorities. In some programmes projects were also implemented by courts, educational institutions, derived public bodies and commercial companies.

Programmes administered by SIF (brief overview)

SIF also participates in international projects and carries out other activities aimed at development of democratic, harmonic civil society and mutual understanding among different groups of society, based on common basic values.

Society Unity Prize

Since 2002, Society Unity Prizes have been awarded by SIF to express recognition and gratitude to persons or organizations, which have significantly contributed to society integration. At the award ceremony of the Society Unity Prize, the public has the opportunity to learn about the award winners who help others and create the feeling of belonging to our diverse community, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. By 2011, Society Unity Prize was awarded to 30 people and organizations.

Memorandum of Good Will

Since 2008, SIF promotes the Memorandum of Good Will. The Memorandum invites organizations and individuals to exercise tolerance, respect for diversity, prevention of discrimination and unequal attitude, in general, promoting society integration. The Memorandum of Good Will can be joined during events and at the SIF website.