What has been done in 2018 to promote diversity?

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What has been done in 2018 to promote diversity?

We wanted to tell you how have we been doing in 2018, while implementing the project "Diversity promotion" and the objectives we set out.


In 2018 in Latvia the provision of services of support and advancement of motivation for the persons subjected to the risk of social exclusion and discrimination has begun. By implementing an individual and purposeful approach, social workers, psychologists, lawyers and other specialists motivated 450 persons towards positive change. 61 person not only acquired new life skills and competences, but also began job-seeking activities, took part in employment, education, training or qualification acquisition.

In 2018 in the Skatu Punkti training on the issues of social exclusion and discrimination we have reached 206 managers and workers of different levels from budgetary authorities, companies and non-governmental organisations. Within the framework of the training programme, specific recommendations or guidelines were created for employers to encourage them to become more open and help them see the benefits of diversity. The guidelines are are freely accessible to everyone online at www.skatupunkti.lv.

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A self-assessment tool for an inclusive working environment has been developed, which will give the chance to administer and highlight the openness and suitability of the working environment for diversity in various companies, state and local government institutions and in non-governmental organisations. A movement called "Diversity is the Power" has begun and in its first year of operation, 17 farseeing and interested in strengthening the working environment employers have joined it and carried out the self-assessment.

At the end of the year, those employers who are establishing principles of diversity management and recognize the positive influence of diversity management on the working environment were commended. Those employers are: "Latvian Samaritan Society", "SilJa", "Draugiem Group", "Wunder Latvia", "Paulig Coffee Latvia".

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To establish the interest and motivation in order for other employers to create an inclusive working environment and be open towards diversity, a platform www.dazadiba.lv has been created.

To draw society's attention towards the issues of discrimination, tolerance and unequal treatment, an information campaign "Openness is a Value" begun in 2018. 2018 was dedicated to asylum seekers and persons with refugee or alternative status, appealing to society to see the humane side of the refugees and asylum seeker crisis.


Within the framework of the campaign, 89 publications were prepared, including 22 radio stories, 5 TV stories, 12 publications in a news agency, 2 publications in press of national measure, 48 publications in internet portals. Videos about the inspiring real-life stories of asylum seekers and their experiences of integrating in a new environment were made. Examples of good practice were summed up – video stories about employers in Latvia, who employ refugees. Events, discussions, activities for employers and sessions of debates "Migration in Latvia and in the World" for the youth were organized, also each and everyone who was interested was able to take part in the campaign activities in city festivals, as well as the inter-disciplinary exhibition "Stories from the Road".

Social worker and social mentor services were provided. These specialists have been in the roles of advisers and consultants, aid providers and defenders to more than 120 asylum seekers, refugees and persons with alternative status, have helped them resolve their problems and become a part of Latvia's society. Thanks to the response of friends, colleagues, peers and NGOs, 40 gifts have been prepared for children from the Accomodation Centre for Asylum Seekers "Mucenieki" and also outside of it.


There are plans to continue the training, so employers and employees could increase their understanding and competence about diversity management, as well as develop a skill of to conduct oneself without prejudice towards others. It is planned to train at least 200 more State administration, local government, association or foundation, company managers or specialists.

Continuing what was started in 2018, the movement's "Diversity is the Power" also in 2019 will appeal to employers to join the movement, signing the memorandum of good will for that, as well as carry out the self-assessment at www.dazadiba.lv, to not only be a candidate for a recognition or an award, but to also receive expert evaluation, recommendations and commentary about their actions, carrying out which, will help the employer to improve their performance in each of the self-assessment's sections or in a specific area.

In 2019 we plan to continue the implementation of purposeful activities to inform society, drawing attention to the issue of tolerance. 2019 will be dedicated to discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, with activities dedicated to this issue happening all throughout the year. If you wish to follow any new developments, write to .

We are planning to carry out procurements to provide the continuation of services of support and advancement of motivation for the persons subjected to the risk of social exclusion and discrimination. To evaluate the influence of the motivation programme on the improvement of the target group's situation, we are planning to carry out a mid-term review, as well as provide the availablity and continuity of social worker and social mentor services for asylum seekers and persons with alternative or refugee status. It is possible that the project will be joined by another cooperation partner, who in cooperation with we will carry out diverse activities to conduct oneself without prejudice towards others.

We thank our service providers:
• Institute of Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
• Centre of Organisation Spring Valley
• SIA "Turn Digital"
• Society "Latvian Red Cross"
• NGO "Center for Education Initiatives"
• "Crisis Center for Families with Children "Paspārne""
• Society "Mini SD"
• The Latvian Umbrella Body For Disability Organisations "SUSTENTO"
• SIA "Deep White"
• SIA "Story Hub"
• foundation "Ventspils High Technology Park"

Thank you to the team behind the project, that selflessly does an enormous amount of work, not counting the hours of the work put into the project, making all of this possible!

Project's "Diversity promotion"