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"Through employment towards the independent life" Employment support measures for the young orphans with mental development disorders residing in the group flats

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Source of Funding: Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012
Program: NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program

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Aim of the subproject is to reduce economic and social isolation of the young orphans with mental development  disorders  by  improving  their  independent  life  skills,  including  those  related  to employment.


  1. to improve independent life skills of the young people with mental development disorders who are left without parents care;
  2. to facilitate integration of the target group into the society and labour market;
  3. to improve target group's motivation and self-assessment;
  4. to improve group flat services offered to the young orphans with mental development disorders.

Target group of the subproject is comprised of the tenants of the group flats of Latvian Samaritan society and Riga City ‖Rūpju bērns‖ society: young orphans with disabilities related to mental development disorders. Currently none of them has a job, relying on social support only.

In the course of the project three support groups with educational elements will be formed. Classes of the first two  groups  will involve  young people residing in the  group  flats (eight people  each). Goal  of  the  third  group  is  to  prepare  support  work  assistants,  who  will  help  young  people  to develop  various  social  skills  (mostly  related  to  employment).  Support  groups  with  educational elements  for  social  work  specialists  will  help  them  to  obtain  necessary  knowledge  of  questions that  are  related  to  young  people's  employment,  in  order  to  further  assist  orphans  with  mental development  disorders  in  job  search  process  and  solving  the  problems,  which  may  arise  in  the workplace.

Implementation  of  the  subproject  will  take  place  in  Riga.  Support  groups  for  young  people  will take in the premises of the group flats of Latvian Samaritan society and Riga City "Rūpju bērns" society. Classes for social work specialists will take place at the premises of Riga Stradiņa University.

Development of the social skills of the young people with mental development disorders who are left without parents care, including in the employment-related area with the help of the specialists, will allow the orphans to raise their self-assessment, present themselves to the labour market in the right  way,  and  navigate  the  labour  law.  At  the  same  time,  support  people  specially  trained  in employment-related area will help to strengthen the achieved results and maintain development of the social skills at the required level, extending individual support and leading support groups also after  the  end  of  the  tenure  of  the  project.  Expected  result—young  people's  employment.  This would  help  reaching  the  goal  of  the  group  flats—to  reduce  isolation  of  the  young  people  and  to achieve their integration to the society.

Priority: Akadēmiskie pētījumi
Target group: Children,Young people
Legal status of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Region: Riga Region,Rīga
Amount of Grant Awarded: 9946.50 LVL / 14 152.59 EUR
Project number: 2010.CH04/mic-189
Project Promoter: society "Clinical Social Workers' Association"
Partner(s): society "Rīgas pilsētas "Rūpju bērns"", society "Latvijas Samariešu apvienība", group unit apartment
Start date of project: 01.01.2011.
Project finish date: 31.12.2011.
Place of implementation: Rīga
Legal address: Ziemeļu st.5 - 5, Rīga, LV-1005
Phone: 29140451
E-mail: ,

Date of printing: 19.06.21