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What You Get From Giving Can't Be Taken Away

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Source of Funding: Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012
Program: NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program

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The aims of the sub-project are to make inter-generational  integration  and reduce  social exclusion for risk groups in the town Jēkabpils, in counties of Viesīte, Aknīste, Krustpils, Sala, Ērgļi, Koknese, Aizkraukle.

Project Summary:

The aims of the sub-project are to make inter-generational  integration  and reduce  social exclusion for risk groups in the town Jēkabpils, in counties of Viesīte, Aknīste, Krustpils, Sala, Ērgļi, Koknese, Aizkraukle. The project is for 4 target groups:

  1. Youth from the families which has the poor and low income status.
  2. Orphaned children or children who live in childcare's homes with out parents attention.
  3. Seniors (people in the age of retirement and before retirement).
  4. People who need care ( old, lonely people who need extra care and help for hose cleaning).

Seniors will lead activities for children from childcare's homes “Līkumi”, “Zīļuks”, “Dzeguzīte” according to the developed programs and it will form for children useful life skill .Youth will visit People who need care to help them with various works (home  cleaning or cleaning of the surrounding area, wood preparation etc.). There will be organized   two overnight camps and two events for Seniors and Youth together where they can share experience, tell about achievements, to speak about success and difficulties, cheer up, support each other. Active filming will  take place.
Carrying out the project there will be improved life skills for children. For Youth- there will be promoted social and civil participation, and principles for environmentally friendly activities. For Seniors- there will be supported socially active lifestyle. People who need care will get necessary practical help in the household and there will be reduced their social exclusion. During the project there will be sustained cooperation among the generations.

Project results:
  • A six-day winter camp "Roku rokā" (Hand in Hand) has been organised, where 15 children and young people from needy families and 15 seniors have participated. The camp promoted intergenerational cooperation, tolerance, and dignity.
  • Members of senior group elaborated six training programmes that were run for 97 children at three children's homes (in total, 18 events) thus enjoying being of value and using opportunity to share their knowledge.
  • 12 young people visited old people's home in Jēkabpils, where they gave a concert and showed a drama performance to its 21 seniors, read fairytales, sang spiritual music and folk songs, helped cleaning rooms and serving food, and discussed events of the day in the evening;
  • 15 young people spent 12 days in voluntary service and helped 37 old and lonely people in different household works thus gaining knowledge about home care assistance, awareness about altruism and thinking about the basic values in one's life;
  • Young people participated in six various training workshops about such issues: loving relationships, voluntary service, roles of generations in family, why some events become news and some don't, work and professions - palliative care, and youth health in figures - comedy, tragedy, or simple facts;
  • During the reporting event "Pirmā ieelpa" (First Breath) nine seniors and 12 young people participated, they discussed their accomplishments, participated in creative workshops, role games, board games, joint picnic, and watched films in open-air. A guest, repressed person also participated in the event and shared his experiences;
  • During the reporting event "Otrā ieelpa" (Second Breath) seniors and young people discussed benefits from their participation in the project, watched the filmed footage material and taken photographs, sang songs, gave performances, participated in competitions and creative workshops. Seniors received appreciation for their participation in the project and the young people received diplomas for their voluntary service;
  • 15 young people and 15 seniors participated in a summer camp near the sea, they took part in various activities — poetry reading, photography exhibition, painting exhibition, monodrama theatre, theatre staging, and creative workshops — and assessed the activities implemented during the project;
  • Project activities have been collected in the videofilm "Dodot gūtais neatņemams" (What You Get From Giving Can't Be Taken Away!), which has been released in 10 copies (DVD format).
Target group: Children,Young people,Seniors
Legal status of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Region: Whole Latvia
Amount of Grant Awarded: 20328.60 LVL / 28 924.99 EUR
Amount of Grant Spent: 18673.00 LVL / 26 569.29 EUR
Project number: 2010.CH04/mic-53/38
Project Promoter: Association of Christian Generations Communion "Bridge" (Biedrība kristīgai paaudžu kopībai "Tilts")
Partner(s): Diaconia Council of the ELCL (Latvijas evaņģēliski luteriskās Baznīcas Diakonijas centrs)
Start date of project: 01.12.2011.
Project finish date: 30.11.2012.
Place of implementation: All Latvia
Contact information: Dambja iela 10, Jēkabpils, LV-5201
Date of approval: 06.10.2011.
Duration of the project: 01.12.2011.-30.11.2012.