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In the frame of the project we are seeking to create as possibly more informative and attractive e-platform for both the citizens from third countries (people who are neither citizens of European Union states, nor Latvia) and Latvian NGOs who are dealing with or are planning to deal with this target group.

In the e-platform there will be summarized information (the so called passports) about NGO who are already dealing with this target group and about organizations who have ideas and desire to work with third country nationals in future not only as service providers but also engaging these people in their organization's everyday work (for example, as volunteers) or in the framework of various projects.

E-platform will serve as platform where NGOs will be able to meet and exchange mutually with the experience, get information on other NGO projects and virtually meet third country nationals. In the framework of e-platform an interactive environment will be created – forums, outstanding life stories by third country nationals and interviews with these people, in a single place will be summarized useful and practical information that third country nationals should know arriving and living in Latvia (health care system, education possibilities for children, consultations, training courses to acquire Latvian language a.o.).


Society integration foundation implements those activities in the framework of the Project „TOGETHER. UNITED. ACTIVE." Grant agreement No. IF/2011/1.a./16) supported by the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals (75%) and Latvian State budget (25%).

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