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Society Integration Foundation (SIF) starting from 2002 implements different projects and grant schemes contributing to integration of representatives of different nationalities living in Latvia. Besides program administering SIF is active in the sphere of informing society, promoting the creation of common value on different topics connected to integration.

"Disagreement and misunderstanding often is created just because we cannot listen to or understand each other, we are afraid of unknown, especially if we represent different cultures or religions," Aija Bauere, the director of the Secretariat of Society Integration Foundation emphasizes.

Society Integration Foundation began to work actively in increasing professional competence of employees of governmental, municipal institutions and NGOs, giving possibility to improve their knowledge and skills in intercultural communication and differences. Acquiring and improving intercultural communication competencies, an effective communication and understanding among individuals representing different cultures is being reached, promoting respectful relationships based on common understanding.

Aija Bauere points out that the reason of the training course is to pause a bit in everyday hurry and think of personal values, trying to "step in another person's shoes" and gain professional insights and new ideas how each of us can do our job more successfully.

Handbook „Intercultural communication" has been created in the framework of the training. The handbook is created both for specialists communicating with representatives of different nationalities on everyday basis, as well as for employees which meet the concepts of intercultural communication, management of differences, cultural competencies for the first time, but who wants or whose professional activities create a necessity to acquire knowledge on intercultural communication processes.

Handbook "Intercultural communication" is available electronically in Latvian and English. In order to download, click on the picture.






The painting of Rasa Jansone „Nu, jaunais draugs?" is used in design of the handbook „Intercultural communication".

The information is elaborated in the framework of European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals Program 2011 in the framework of Grant agreement No. IF/2011/2./7 on the implementation of project „Actualization, elaboration and implementation of training course „Intercultural communication". The finance was allocated from the budget of Integration fund of Third-Country Nationals (75%) and State budget of Latvia (25%). Society Integration Foundation is responsible for the contents of the publication.


Information is prepared: 28.06.2013.