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The Development of Limbazu Fonds Activity

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Source of Funding: EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014
Program: NGO Activity Support Measure (2009-2014)

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The Latvian society in which democratic principles are developing, it is important to raise everyone's awareness of the democratic values and ownership of the democratic process.
Goal of the project is to increase capacity of the Limbazu Fonds's members and volunteers, to enhance involvement and participation of different social groups’ of Limbazi, Aloja, Krimulda and Salacgriva districts.
It is planned to involve 8 volunteers, organize 5 seminars for NGO members, 2 experience exchange seminars, a family training cycle „Know yourself”; to define several innovative approaches in the sphere of civil society development, to develop and publish the pilot project „Ladezers as a suitable and friendly place for creative and healthy living”, to attract financing to establish innovative approaches to strengthen civil society, to develop a webpage.
The project will involve the NGO members and local residents,including low-income families and families with school-age children.

Project results: Aim – Activation of Limbazi foundation (LF) activity within promotion of social inclusion – the ground for increase of understanding of people about their involvement and responsibility in democracy processes.
Target groups – Limbazi foundation 12 members, employees and 12 volunteers; 130 families with school children, 600 socially unprotected and financially insecure inhabitants of Aloja, Krimulda, Limbaži and Salacgrīva municipalities.
Place of project implementation -Limbaži, Salacgrīva, Aloja and Krimulda municipalities.
The projects results:
Limbazi Foundation internet home page elaborated; 12 founders and 8 volunteers of Limbazi Foundation had taken part in training seminars; 35 1st to 4th class students, 8 parents and 10 pedagogues have developed their creativity and talents in training courses in Ladezers elementary school; Different groups of society – families with children, seniors, poor people, have been supported with food packs; Financing attracted to help families with children to prepare for the new school year. 2 experience exchange seminars organized: 1 together with foundation “Aluksnes Apes fonds” in Aluksne and second together with fund “Ziedot” in Riga; 12 insecure and large families acquainted skills in seminars and made redecoration of their apartment or house with donated materials;
Services of laundry in Ladezers and Ledurga provided; Development strategy of Ladezers villige elaborated;Several charity activities organized to collect financing for several projects, for example, to organize project competitions in sports and culture heritage fields, publishing of book etc.


Supported by the EEA Grants. Case number: LV03. Programme name: „NGO fund”

Project number: 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/069
Project approval date: 20.06.2013.
Project contract date: 19.08.2013.
Status of the project: Pabeigts
Name of Project Promoter: Foundation Limbazu Fonds
Type of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Place(s) of implementation: Limbažu novads,Alojas novads,Salacgrīvas novads,Krimuldas novads
Project implementation region(s): Riga Region
Project duration, months: 30
Total eligible costs (Programme co-financing and Project Promoter’s contribution): 49670.98 EUR / 34 908.96 LVL;
Programme co-financing (EEA Grants – 95%): 42468.68 EUR / 29 847.16 LVL;
Programme co-financing (State budget – 5%): 2235.19 EUR / 1 570.90 LVL;
Project Promoter’s contribution: 4967.11 EUR / 3 490.90 LVL;
Legal address: "Lauciņi", Limbažu pagasts, Limbažu novads, LV-4020
Phone No.: 29466955
Fax: -

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