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Project "Different people, various experiences, one Latvia"

In August of 2013 SIF in co-operation with "Latvian Centre for Human rights„ and "Latvian Judicial Training Centre " has started to implement the project “Different people, various experiences, one Latvia". This project is funded by the Community action programme for employment and social solidarity “PROGRESS 2007-2013” section “Diversity and fight against discrimination”.

The main objective for PROGRESS programme section “Diversity and fight against discrimination” is to improve the knowledge and understanding of different type of discrimination and to support the development of equality policies.

The aim of the project “Different people, various experiences, one Latvia” is identification of innovative approaches and dissemination of good practice to promote anti-discrimination and equality principles in Latvia, with a particular attention to raise a common awareness of anti-discrimination among professionals and in society as a whole.

Main activities planned in the project “Different people, various experiences, one Latvia”:

  1. Comparative analysis of case law of selected European Union (EU) member states concerning the use of situation testing and statistics as evidence in discrimination cases and remedies. As a result of this research there will be guidance for the courts elaborated and published.
  2. Monitoring system on effective implementation of anti-discrimination policies introduced: the task of the activity is to develop the network among various public sector institutions and NGO’s, elaborated guidance of monitoring system.
  3. Capacity strengthening of core actors on non-discrimination, equality issues and diversity management. There will be trainings organised for more than 200 specialists from different sectors (journalists, PR and communication specialists, high level officials, judges, lawyers etc.).
  4. Supporting activities to raise awareness of Roma and supporting their integration. During this activity there will be round table discussions organised to strengthen Roma integration in the field of education. Two experience exchange trips will be organised in order to elaborate the guidance of best practice in Latvia and other EU
  5. Awareness rising of general public. During the project there will be thematic and analytical articles published, informative materials developed and distributed, creative activities for children and youth organised on tolerance and non-discrimination. Ambassadors of Good Will are going to popularize the Memorandum of Good will, thus helping to achieve active participation in project activities from different sectors of society.

At the end of the project SIF in co-operation with project partners will organise award event, including diversity awards, to express recognition and gratitude to persons or organisations, which have significantly contributed to combat discrimination.

Implementation time: 01.08.2013.-31.07.2014.

Project budget: 283 846 EUR, (78.48- funded by the European Union, 21.52% - Latvian State budget).

Contact information:
Sanda Serafinovica
PROGRESS project manager
T. 67 07 82 02

Madara Mezviete
PROGRESS PR specialist
T. 67 07 82 06

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