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Let’s hammer our health by ourselves!

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Source of Funding: Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012
Program: NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program

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Usually with health protection there is understood the availability of medical care and treatment itself,  forgetting  that  different  prophylactic  events,  physical  activities  which  are  strengthening immunity, correct development of body and keeping up the liveliness, as well as knowledge about healthy  lifestyle,  is  the  most  direct  way  towards  strung  health.  Fortification  of  health  to  great extent is in each and everybody’s hands – everybody by himself or herself is the Hammersmith of one’s happiness and health.

The  overall  target  of society’s "Limbazi felt‖ project ―Let’s hammer our health by ourselves!" is:  to  promote  healthy  and  physically  active  lifestyle  by  offering  an  input  of  civil  society  in improvement  of  life  quality  for  children  and  young  people,  which  are  subject  to  risks  of  social exclusion and poverty,  and seniors in Limbazi region and nearest territories. 

Direct objectives and activities of the project:

  1. To  strengthen  the  capacity  of  the  Society  by  inquiring  the  experience  of nongovernmental organizations in Latvia and Swiss Contribution in promotion of healthy lifestyle and rendering the services for health stimulation
  2. To develop the cooperation with local government of Limbazi region in production of health promotion policy
  3. To develop and approbate Society’s ―Limbazi felt‖ Community centre’s of lifelong learning  and  health  services  programmes  of  health  strengthening  for  children,  young people,  which  are  subject  to  risks  of  social  exclusion  and  poverty,    and  seniors,  by cooperation with region’s nongovernmental organizations that are representing children, young people and seniors.

The  result:  There  will  be  established  ventilation  suited  to  activities  of  heath  promotion  in  the Community centre’s of lifelong learning and health services in  Limbazi,  21  Street  Muru,  and created  an  opportunity  to  receive  very  needed,  but  until  unavailable  health  promotion  services such as: movement and dance therapy, gymnastics for babies, children, young people and seniors, and self-aid organization.

Priority: Akadēmiskie pētījumi
Target group: Children,Young people,Seniors
Legal status of Project Promoter: Association/Foundation
Region: Vidzeme Region
Amount of Grant Awarded: 21840.50 LVL / 31 076.23 EUR
Project number: 2010.CH04/mic-203
Project Promoter: Society „Limbazi felt”
Partner(s): foundation Social services agency "Ģimenes krīzes centrs"
Start date of project: 01.01.2011.
Project finish date: 31.12.2011.
Place of implementation: Limbaži, Limbažu county
Legal address: Mūru st.21, Limbaži, Limbaži county, LV-4001
Phone: 29430161
Fax: 64070251