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Implementation and Unkeeping of the Social Support Center "Ģertrude"

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Source of Funding: Swiss - Latvian Cooperation Programme 2009-2012
Program: NGO Fund of Swiss - Latvian cooperation program

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The  goal  of  the  project  is  to  create  and  ensure  active  working  of  the  Social  Support  Center “Ģertrūde” to organize activities for children and youth exposed to social exclusion and poverty and seniors.

The  main  target  group  of  the  project  is  children  and  youth  exposed  to  social  exclusion  and poverty  and  seniors.  The  supportive  target  group  is  other  children,  youth  and  adults.  Their involvement  in  the  activities  organized  in  the  framework  of  the  subproject  are  essential  to encourage  wholesome  integration  of  the  target  group  in  the  society  by  spending  time,  learning, doing voluntary work together with people not coming from risk groups.

The project will be implemented in the Social Support Center “Ģertrūde” in Ģertrūdes Street 8, Riga, Latvia as well as in at least 5 other cities and towns in the Regions of Latvia.
The  main  planned  activities  and  planned  measurable  results  of  the  project  after  creating  the Social Support Center “Ģertrūde” are:
1)  various youth activities, like:

  • youth leisure time studio created providing possibilities for useful and safe leisure time spending;
  • “Youth Fast Action Unit” created to organize 20 experience exchange trips to youth in 5 smaller cities in the regions of Latvia to help them start activities for youth in their hometowns;
  • 3 Youth Alpha courses (~120 persons);
  • 3 hiking trips;
  • 2 youth camps.

2) feeding 100 persons per week in the framework of the “Thematical dinner” activity.
3) free lawyer, social worker and psychologist consultations for up to 18 persons per week;
4) activities for seniors in interest clubs, organizing quarterly exhibitions of their handicrafts and competitions in board games;
functional kitchen created to provide regular free meals to the poor.

Priority: Akadēmiskie pētījumi
Target group: Children,Young people,Seniors
Legal status of Project Promoter: Religious organisation
Region: Riga Region,Rīga
Amount of Grant Awarded: 80100.00 LVL / 113 972.03 EUR
Project number: 2010.CH04/mac-97
Project Promoter: Riga Old Saint Gertrude's Evangelical Lutheran Congregation
Partner(s): Riga's social service agency; foundation "Ģertrudes fonds";
foundation "Campus fur Christus Schweiz"
Start date of project: 01.01.2011.
Project finish date: 30.06.2012.
Place of implementation: Riga (and additional activies in different regions, which will be specified in the project start stage)
Legal address: Ģertrūdes st. 8, Rīga, LV-1010
Phone: 29136397